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Our Commitment

We aim to:

  • Ensure that the Health and safety of our children at the Childcare Centre is paramount and is supported and promoted at all times.
  • Acknowledge and support individual needs of children and families in our community regardless of gender, class, ability or cultural and diverse backgrounds.
  • Build secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships between educators and families and support parents as they balance work and family life. Partnership with families is important and family participation is welcomed and encouraged.
  • Create a stimulating environment where children learn through play and intentional teaching.
  • Planned and spontaneous experiences are based on children’s interests and strength at individual and group level, allowing for choice, practice and challenge.
  • Provide an environment and routines at our Childcare Centre that foster children’s learning through social interactions, to develop and build strong meaningful relationships with educators and their peers.
  • Recognise children as competent, capable learners and value each child’s ability to make decisions that affect them. Children are actively encouraged to share their ideas and be involved in decision making opportunities for learning experiences; to learn respect, fairness and social justice, and to celebrate diversity.
  • Provide qualified, experienced and motivated educators who provide nurturing relationships to develop a strong sense of wellbeing. Educators respond to children’s interests and needs and are there to guide, facilitate and support children’s learning and development.
  • Value each educator’s strengths and skills through promoting teamwork and supportive work environment. Reflective practice and ongoing professional learning and development are encouraged to provide best quality education and care.
  • Ensure that the children are always provided with nutritious meals and are educated in and encouraged to participate in healthy eating practices and physical activity.